The European Lawyers Network for Workers aims to unite lawyers and legal academics committed to work for trade unions and workers across Europe.

The aim of the Network is to support workers, workers representatives (for example works councils) and trade unions in advancing their interests. The Network promotes the transfer of knowledge among its members especially with regard to labour law in the European Union.
With this in mind, this website is conceived as an opportunity to share information on trade unions’ strategies and on courts decisions concerning the position of workers in new forms of work and, more broadly, vis-à-vis business’ interests.
Similarly, the Network wishes to draw attention to developments in national and EU labour law which affect the protection of workers.

The members of the Network consider their work as a contribution to the promotion of the rights of workers, worker representatives and trade unions. The members of the Network, in their legal practices, mainly represent workers, worker representatives and trade unions. The representation of employers is an exception.

The Network also aims to develop a joint presentation of the Network to the public, for example by publishing a brochure or leaflet/setting up a website.

Practising lawyers, joint practices/partnerships of practising lawyers are eligible to be members. Non-practising lawyers may be eligible as well. Organisations other than partnerships of practising lawyers are not eligible to be members.

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