Documentation (available papers) – European Union, Brexit – the future of workers’ rights – European Conference, 11 November 2017, London

European Conference, 11th November 2017, London, Diskus Centre at Unite, 128 Theobald’s Road, Holborn, London, WC1X 8T 


EU Brexit Workers Rights – conference handout

The programme with the available speeches:

09h30 – 10h00 Opening:

  • John Hendy Q.C., Institute for Employment Rights IER   
  • Rose Keeping, Regional Industrial Officer, Unite the Union
  • Prof. Bill Bowring, ELDH President

10h00 – 11h45 1.       The Future of Trade Union Rights, social rights (collective labour law, for a social Europe instead of a “social pillar):

  • Esther Lynch, Confederal Secretary of ETUC, Brussels: For a Pillar of enforceable and universal social rights slides
  • John Hendy QC, barrister, London (IER): The dilemma for trade union rights in Britain: caught between the EU and Free Trade Agreements speech
  • Lorenzo Fassina, Rome (Head of the legal office of CGIL): CGIL’s strategy for defending and increasing individual and collective rights in Italy
  • Marthe Corpet, CGT, Confederation Policy Advisor – International Department, Paris: Trade union rights in France under attack – CGT strategy speech

12h00 – 13h30 2.       How to create more security for workers  (concepts on national and European level for individual labour law for domestic and migrant workers)

  • Klaus Lörcher, Germany, former ETUC legal advisor, former Legal Secretary of the Civil Service Tribunal of the European Union: The role of the European Social Charter for the protection of (migrant) workers’ rights, in particular after Brexit speech slides, speech
  • Ms. Dr Sanja Cukut Krilic, Research Fellow, Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Slovenia: Insecurities and vulnerabilities of migrant and posted workers: the need for information provision slides, speech
  • Sergey Saurin, Centre for Social and Labour Rights (CSLR), lawyer, Moscow: The impact of European labour standards on Russian labour law and enforcement practice

4h15 – 16h00 3.       How to defend the rights of refugees and migrants. The impact of Brexit and EU policy.

  • Frances Webber, Institute of Race Relations: Brexit, refugees and the hostile environment speech
  • Lionel Crusoé, lawyer, Paris: The effect of Brexit on refugees and forced migrants
  • Karl Kopp, Director of European Affairs, PRO ASYL, Frankfurt/Main: Perspectives for the defence of Human Rights for Refugees in Europe. The impact of Brexit. draft outline
  • Alison Harvey, barrister, London: The trafficked and the new undocumented post Brexit speech

16h15 – 18h00 4.       European Democracy and human rights – between (Br)Exit and the rule of exception (How to develop European Democracy, how to fight non-democratic developments in EU states;):

  • Prof. Andreas Fisahn, Bielefeld: : The lack of democracy and the future of the union speech
  • Prof. Steve Peers, Essex
  • Dr. Marco Inglese, Faculty of Law, University of Fribourg, Switzerland: The European Citizens’ Initiative: an effective tool to boost democratic participation? speech
  • Julian Bild, Solicitor: Anti-trafficking and Labour Exploitation Unit (speaking in a personal capacity): The EU: A help or hindrance? speech
ELWofficeDocumentation (available papers) – European Union, Brexit – the future of workers’ rights – European Conference, 11 November 2017, London