ELW-Network Newsletter 02/2015

The ELW-Network newsletter 02-2015 can be downloaded here

ELW-Newsletter 02-2015

The Content:

1.     Invitation for our next conference „Under Pressure of the TROIKA ..” 17.th October 2015, Madrid – p. 2

2.     Invitation for the First Conference on International Labour Standards  – European Union and Council of Europe – their relationship in the area of fundamental (social) rights, 25th November 2015, Frankfurt/Main – p. 4

3.     Supreme Court of Canada recognises constitutional protection for the right to strike – p. 7
4.     Collective bargaining in Southern Europe by Professores Antonio Baylos, Nunzia Castelli and Francisco Trillo, Universidad de Castilla la Mancha – p. 19
5.       The Reform of Joint Regulation and Labour Market Policy during the crisis; Executive Smmary of an EC-founded project, led by the University of Manchester,
Coordinating Team: Dr.Aristea Koukiadaki, Dr. Isabel Tavora and Prof. Miguel Martinez Lucio – p. 68
6.     TTIP, ISDS an INTA; the elephant in the room  by Professor  Keith Ewing and John Hendy QC, London – p. 76
7.     Vertical inequality  by Dr. Rüdiger Helm, Cape Town/Munich – p. 83

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